Partnership signed to reinforce diversity and inclusion in Chile

June 7, 2023

Hatch has announced a partnership with Women in Mining Chile (WIM Chile), one of the country’s leading institutions in the mining industry.

WIM Chile promotes and advocates for good working practices, gender equity, and the increased participation of women in the mining industry.

WIM Chile is the perfect partner to support Hatch’s initiatives to increase inclusion of women at all levels in the organization. Hatch is striving to enhance and maximize the participation and visibility of women in the mining industry.

This partnership with WIM is an initiative of Hatch’s Women´s Committee in Chile, which aims to raise awareness, explore best practices, and strengthen the role of women in technical roles and leadership positions in the South American (SAM) region.

Currently, women at Hatch in Chile represent 27.7 percent of the staff, well below the company’s goal of 40 percent.

“With this in mind, we need to make an aggressive campaign to encourage more young women to consider engineering studies with specialization in mining to be able to close the gap of women in the industry, particularly in some disciplines such as electrical and control and automation which are crucial to the mining industry,” pointed out Claudia Quinzio, Hatch’s regional Human Resources director.
“We firmly believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace allows us to unleash our team´s potential, which creates positive change for our clients, contributes significantly to our society, and shapes the world in which we live,” shared Karl Pearce, Hatch’s country manager, Chile.

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