54th Annual H.G. Acres Symposium

June 22, 2023
Bringing together industry experts to discuss sustainability and innovation in the energy sector

On Monday, June 5, 2023, Hatch hosted its 54th annual H.G. Acres Symposium in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This symposium brought together top energy subject matter experts, professionals, and partners to explore the most relevant energy topics.

This year’s theme, Tackling the Power Trilemma, focused on finding the balance between energy reliability, affordability, and sustainability. Experts discussed renewable power generation, grid-scale energy storage, energy supply and market, management and growth strategies, and the advancement of electric cars.

Keynote speaker Robby Sohi emphasized the transformation of the power grid and how we can improve energy efficiency potential and reliability needs by enhancing preservation and demand management.

The presentations were followed by thought-provoking and engaging discussions on various topics, including the environmental impacts of these projects and concepts, as well as the value of indigenous engagement and inclusivity.

Learn more about how we are using innovative solutions to address this trilemma: Tackling the energy trilemma—globally