Hatch’s annual Working Together Safely Forum

May 11, 2023


Safety—we’re in this together. On April 27th, Hatch hosted the annual Working Together Safely forum just ahead of World Day for Safety and Health at Work. With health and safety at the foundation of our organization’s core values, this year’s forum focused on the importance of mental wellness in the post-pandemic era—in particular, what it means to be resilient when facing uncertainty, and the importance of knowing how to diffuse stress in ourselves and our colleagues.

Every year, this forum brings us together with our clients, partners, contractors, and colleagues, and this year, we gathered to talk about post-pandemic mental health and what it means to hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable when facing adversity and managing stress reactions.

Keynote speaker Kevin Rempel, Canadian Paralympic bronze medalist, opened the day with a question: what does the word hero mean to you? Now an executive coach, Kevin’s direct delivery style gripped the audience as he spoke about the value of crafting your own life stories, and the way that the comeback story is the most influential one of all. His compelling storytelling abilities brought the unimaginable to life as he shared how he became paralyzed in an accident and then reached the Olympic podium.

Kevin Rempel and Sylvia Marusyk.

Kevin set the tone for the morning and the rest of the speakers followed with high energy and vigor. With powerful conversation led by medical experts, clients, and partners, the areas of expertise included an examination of the neuroscience revolution; the value of mental health and wellness in workplace design; the journey toward effective management of psychological risk in the workplace; the unique challenges that leaders face in maintaining their own mental health while supporting mental wellness initiatives in the workplace; the importance of breaking the silence surrounding mental health issues and how to generate much-needed conversations in the workplace; and the unique risks that Indigenous peoples are facing in the post-pandemic era.


Our second keynote speaker, Sylvia Marusyk, Founder, MindBody Works, ended the day with an invigorating look at how leaders can help employees who are dealing with chronic stress while also lifting the burden off their own shoulders. Walking the audience through the path of surviving to thriving, Sylvia asked the important question: what is your pain asking you for? Her touching story was delivered with honesty and wit, and effectively tied the day together by encouraging leaders to lead with both the head and the heart.

For more information on the Working Together Safely forum or future events, please contact our Hatch safety event team.

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