Hatch on the WiRE: donation to Women in Renewable Energy

Lending further support to advancing the role and recognition of women and under-represented groups working in the energy sector.

May 29, 2023
Hatch and WiRE logos, advancing women in energy.

Toronto, Ontario – Hatch donates to Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) as part of the H.G. Acres Symposium, an annual gathering of Hatch clients and partners with our in-house experts to address issues that are critical to the energy sector. The symposium’s namesake, hydropower pioneer Dr. Henry Acres, was the founder of our power business in 1924 and we are proud to carry on his legacy.

As entrepreneurs with a technical soul, we have a passion to pursue goals others might not have the courage to take on. As engineers, scientists, technologists and project managers, we use our skills and our mindset of acting like owners to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. Hatch’s vision for diversity and inclusion builds on these core values.

A diverse workforce allows us to unlock the complete potential of our team who will improve our clients’ businesses, thereby shaping the future of the world we live in, contributing in a meaningful way to society’s advancement, and to creating positive change.

Launched in 2013, WiRE forges partnerships with government agencies and a spectrum of energy industry associations, other related networking groups for professionals, and academic providers. WiRE's mission is to advance the role and recognition of women and under-represented groups working in the energy sector.

“Encouraging women and other under-represented groups into STEM roles is a core priority of our diversity and inclusion initiatives at Hatch. We recognize that reaching global decarbonization goals in the power sector will only happen if we have all possible participants, including women and under-represented groups working on the solutions. So, we are beyond excited to make this contribution to an organization that we can 100% align to.” Jim Sarvinis, Hatch Managing Director – Power.

"Hatch's partnership with WiRE exemplifies their dedication to championing diversity and empowering women in the energy sector. WiRE extends our heartfelt appreciation to Hatch for their incredible support. Together, we are shaping a more equitable and inclusive energy sector." Joanna Osawe, CEO, WiRE.

Within our Energy sector, as new technologies are developed, and societies begin to implement systematic change, the necessary energy transformation is beginning to accelerate. We’re responding to this profound transformation by providing our clients with responsible energy solutions and an exceptional, diverse team that will help us to achieve our low carbon future and shape a new energy landscape.

We are proud that our organization is home to 10,000 employees who—regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, disability, and way of thinking—are celebrated and their unique strengths harnessed to create outcomes that leave a positive legacy in the communities we serve and call home.

To learn more about diversity and inclusion at Hatch visit Hatch Diversity & Inclusion.

To donate to WiRE click here!

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