Hatch announces partnerships with organizations focused on the future of mining in Brazil

Mining Hub and Women in Mining are initiatives dedicated to transforming the culture of mining

May 9, 2023
Hatch announces partnerships with organizations focused on the future of mining in Brazil
Members of the Hatch team gather with representatives from Mining Hub, Women in Mining Brazil, and the Brazilian Mining Association (IBRAM) at an event to celebrate the new partnerships. Hatch was represented by both members of the local team in Brazil as well as a number of global Hatch leaders.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil-Hatch has announced new partnerships with two leading institutions in the mining market in Brazil: Mining Hub and Women in Mining Brazil. As part of these partnerships, Hatch is committed to be part of the solution to transform the culture of the industry into one that is even more innovative and inclusive.

Encouraging innovation with the Mining Hub

The Mining Hub is an open innovation initiative aimed at encouraging change within the mining sector in Brazil. The hub promotes connection, collaboration, and empowerment, bringing together all members of the mining value chain to pursue innovation and foster diversity and inclusion to drive the evolution of the culture of the mineral sector.

Driving diversity and inclusion with Women in Mining Brazil

Women in Mining Brazil is a movement that aims to expand and strengthen the participation of women in the mining sector. WIM Brazil is working toward increasing inclusion in the industry so that women are respected at all levels of the organization and in all areas of activity, including as holders of technical expertise, operational excellence, and innovative spirit.

Hatch is proud to be part of this movement as we, too, are committed to increasing the number of wins the mining sector in Brazil. Our Belo Horizonte office is proud to have 33 percent women, far surpassing the mining sector average of 15 percent. We will continue working to increase this percentage and be a reference company in diversity and inclusion.

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