Hatch part of the team selected to deliver transformational Darlington New Nuclear Project

Project will include first grid-scale deployment of small modular reactor (SMR) technology in Canada

December 2, 2021

Mississauga, Canada—Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has today announced the selection of the proponent team to deliver the Darlington New Nuclear Project (DNNP). The DNNP will feature GE-Hitachi’s (GEH) BWRX-300 small modular reactor (SMR) technology as an integral part of this transformational and industry leading program. OPG and GEH will be supported by an integrated delivery team that we expect will include Hatch, and other important members of the Canadian nuclear supply chain. The team will deliver engineering, construction, and modularization services as well as the manufacturing of safety-related components. Ontario-headquartered Hatch expects to provide key engineering and project delivery services.

The DNNP will be the first implementation of grid-scale SMR technology in Canada. It positions OPG and Ontario as leaders in this revolutionary technology that is seen as a key component to meeting the world’s growing demand for clean energy, driven by the global concern over climate change. SMR technology enables safe and economic electrification which is in demand by on-grid, off grid and industrial clients throughout Canada and all over the world. The DNNP program will help position Hatch and the Canadian nuclear industry as leading contributors to that global supply chain for SMR technology.

“Ontario Power Generation is a recognized world power generation leader dedicated to ensuring a reliable electricity supply in an environmentally responsible manner. Hatch is excited to be part of this industry leading program as a key supplier of engineering and project services to GEH’s SMR technology. SMR’s will play a big part of the energy mix of the future in Canada and elsewhere,” said Robert Francki, Hatch’s global managing director, Energy.
“We saw firsthand the degree to which OPG followed a diligent review process and analysis of the candidate technologies to ensure that they had a comprehensive understanding of each of the three finalists including their contributions to suppliers like Hatch. By enabling this new market for SMR technology, OPG is ensuring massive benefits to the Ontario and Canadian nuclear supply chain,” Francki continued.

Hatch, Ontario, and Canada are at the forefront of the deployment of this new technology:

  • Ontario’s Ministry of Energy released a report authored by Hatch in 2016 titled, “Feasibility of the Potential Deployment of Small Modular Reactors in Ontario” which demonstrated that the deployment of SMR technology in Ontario, regardless of chosen technology, would benefit Ontario and Canada as a source of carbon-free power for remote, off-grid applications, and on-grid applications.
  • 180 individuals, representing fifty-five organizations across ten sectors and sub-sectors, contributed to the SMR Roadmap, a ten-month nationwide study of SMR technology—for which Hatch provided input—and specific actions recommended for the advancement of the industry.
  • Four Canadian provinces (Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Alberta) signed a memorandum of understanding to unlock the economic potential of SMRs across Canada.
  • Canada released an SMR action plan in November 2020. It details Canada’s plan for the development, demonstration, and deployment of SMRs for multiple applications at home and abroad.
“As global energy consumption continues to increase, a sustainable energy mix is the only solution. New nuclear fission and fusion reactors are essential large-scale contributors to this solution, complemented by other clean sources of energy - we will only get there if we continue to invest in technology and innovation,” shared Amar Jolly, Hatch’s global director, Nuclear. “We’re thrilled to be a part of the team proving to the world the potential of SMRs in creating this mix. I am confident that Hatch and many other Ontario-based companies, large and small, will benefit from this decision and will see significant export benefits from early adoption of this leading-edge technology.”

Jolly also noted, “We expect that each of the three technologies that were considered in depth by OPG will continue their development. Given the global shift to carbon-free energy production, the SMR market can support multiple technologies that offer benefits depending on the user’s application. Hatch will continue to be involved with these technologies as they continue to develop.”

To learn more about how nuclear will be a critical part of building a sustainable future for all, visit https://www.hatch.com/nuclear.


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