Hatch’s Isabel Harlan among Autodesk's 40 Under 40: Champions of Construction award winners

The annual 40 Under 40 award recognizes both established and up-and-coming professionals who have contributed to positive change in the AEC industry.

November 2, 2021
Isabel Harlan 
Isabel Harlan

Isabel Harlan, a civil engineer and project manager at Hatch, has been listed among Autodesk’s 40 Under 40: Champions of Construction 2021 award winners for her contributions and leadership in the AEC industry.

Isabel is heavily involved with implementing a new audio frequency-based signals system for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Red and Orange Line Transformation Program in Boston, one of the largest infrastructure improvement programs in the northeast United States.

Isabel has continually demonstrated leadership in the industry by helping women pursue careers in construction and engineering and leading panels that tackle issues women face in STEM-based careers. She is also an active participant in the diversity and inclusion efforts within the Hatch organization, focusing on empowering women and minorities to join the industry and educating her peers on issues minoritized communities face in and out of the workplace.

“I have learned so much throughout my time in the AEC sector; both in terms of technical knowledge and how to navigate the industry,” said Isabel. “Large infrastructure projects have the power to create a better day-to-day experience for people from all walks of life and to tackle the larger issues we face today, such as providing equal access to public transportation despite socioeconomic status and implementing climate-resilient practices as industry standards. That is what motivates me to keep learning and pushing forward. Personally, I aim to use my experience and privilege to create more space for women and other groups within STEM-related fields. I believe in the adage that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. It is not enough to hire minoritized groups within STEM, there must be change at a corporate level to create an environment that supports everyone equitably.”




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