Dr. Kelly Watson represents Hatch on UK Green Building Council’s New Task Group

New group looks to define social value for the built environment

June 30, 2020

London, UK - The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has announced a new task group that will develop a definition of social value for the built environment sector. Hatch is very proud to announce that Dr. Kelly Watson will be representing us on this key task group, which aims to develop a definition of social value that is relevant to a broad variety of development types, geographies, and communities, providing the industry with a common language, consistent principles, and an agreed hierarchy of delivery.

Dr.Watson is a senior consultant with Hatch in our Urban Solutions group and has wide ranging and research-in-practice experience in sustainability, social value, and well-being, with particular specialization in social impact assessment and evaluation.

The UKGBC is a membership organization, which aims to 'radically transform' the way that the built environment in the UK is planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated.

This task group brings together some of the leading organizations working on social value in the real estate and construction sector and places them under a shared purpose: To create a definitive understanding of social value, and resolve the confusion that is preventing practitioners from maximizing the value delivered through new development and existing buildings.

This work forms part of UKGBC’s Social Value Programme and further information about this program and UKGBC’s previous work in this area is available here.

To read more on Dr. Watson’s thoughts on designing with social value in mind, click here.