Supporting diversity in our future engineers

Hatch continues support of the Canadian Engineering Memorial Fund

October 4, 2019

Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation
Hatch supports the Canadian Engineering Memorial Fund (CEMF) with the Hatch Undergraduate Engineering Ambassador Award. First partnering with the CEMF in 2017, Hatch offers an annual $10,000 undergraduate award along with a summer internship for scholarship winners.

CEMF’s mission is to provide opportunities for Canadian women to become engineers. CEMF is committed to creating a world where engineering meets the needs and challenges of society by engaging the skills and talents of both women and men alike. To that end, CEMF is dedicated to attracting women to the engineering profession so they may fully contribute to the development of our society and in so doing, honor the memory of the 14 women from L' École Polytechnique whose contributions to Canada ended on December 6, 1989. CEMF offers scholarships in engineering to young women who demonstrate exceptional leadership and are volunteers in their communities. Since 2002, CEMF has awarded over 200 scholarships.

Plaque handover from ABB to commemorate Hatch becoming an Authorized Value Provider.
Aastha Goyal, winner of this year's Hatch Undergraduate Engineering Ambassador Award

Sylvie Lamarre, engineering director for Hatch’s eastern North America region, was on hand at the CEMF Award Dinner yesterday where the latest winners were announced.

The winner of this year’s Hatch Undergraduate Ambassador Award is Aastha Goyal. Aastha is studying at the University of McGill in chemical engineering. She is vice-president of External Affairs of COOUHR Montreal, a coordinator for Let’s talk Science McGill, a volleyball player, and part of the intermural team. As an outreach coordinator for Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering, she visits high schools and CEGEPs promoting engineering to female students. Aastha loves problem solving and has a passion for increasing diversity in engineering, particularly in the health sciences field.

“Our support of initiatives like the CEMF allows us to directly support the diversity of our profession and aligns with our corporate vision of building a better world through positive change. A diverse workforce allows us to unlock the complete potential of our team who will improve our clients’ businesses, thereby shaping the future of the world we live in, contributing in a meaningful way to society’s advancement,” said Sylvie.