Hatch becomes authorized value provider of ABB Robotics

April 18, 2019
Plaque handover from ABB to commemorate Hatch becoming an Authorized Value Provider.
Plaque handover from ABB to commemorate Hatch becoming an Authorized Value Provider.

Mississauga, Ontario—On April 2, 2019 Hatch became an official system integrator of ABB Robotics under the Authorized Value Provider Program (VPP).

For over 50 years, Hatch has been developing custom machinery solutions for our clients’ toughest challenges. The need for safer and more efficient operations has led to the use of more advanced and flexible automation solutions. For several years, Hatch has been developing custom robotic solutions and the expertise to meet this mandate.

ABB offers an extensive product line of industrial robot arms with foundry grade options that are known for ruggedness and quality. System Integrators develop complete integrated solutions incorporating robots, machine vision and sensing systems, frequently alongside custom machinery. Hatch is providing this service to clients in the mining, metals, energy, and infrastructure sectors.

"Hatch is extremely happy to be an official value provider of ABB robotics and we look forward to solving our client’s challenging problems together with innovative solutions to improve safety and operational efficiencies for our clients.” – Maurizio Darini, consultant, Engineered Equipment Group, Hatch

The mining and metals industry is transforming itself with ever increasing levels of automation. Unlike the manufacturing industry that has been leading the Industry 4.0 initiative, the environments in the mining and metals industry are significantly more challenging, which has historically made automation more difficult. As an Authorized Value Provider, ABB has recognized that Hatch has the expertise to deliver robotic solutions for these challenging environments.

“ABB and Hatch [are], joining forces together especially towards emerging markets where Hatch has their core competence. We both see the same values and the same future in a flexible, digital, and collaborative automation.” – Niclas Sjöstrand, VP and general manager, ABB Robotics Canada

ABB LogoBy joining ABB’s network of Value Providers, Hatch can develop and deliver unique robotic solutions to clients globally, and support them over the entire life-cycle of the system.

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