Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

June 21, 2018

June 23 is International Women in Engineering Day. Every day, women at Hatch are #RaisingTheBar, doing innovative and important work that is bringing about positive change. We honor some of them by sharing their stories.

 Winnie Ying This is Winnie Ying. Civil Engineer. PhD. An expert in ultrasonic and acoustic emission signal processing. She’s raising the bar by using her expertise to develop new technologies and applications that can be used on smelting furnaces around the world. 
 Doyin Bademosi This is Doyin Bademosi. Microelectronics engineer. MEng in Project Management. She’s raising the bar by running major mining and infrastructure projects throughout Australasia—constantly working on new ways to deliver work more effectively.
 Devni Jayasekera

This is Devni Jayasekera. Electrical engineer. Currently working in inner China helping commission a furnace in the desert. She’s raising the bar as part of a team that is developing new control approaches for power regulation for both demand and supply.

 Katherine van Nes This is Katherine van Nes. Systems design engineer. Information management specialist. She’s #RaisingTheBar by growing and running her own systems company. She’s now at Hatch, bringing new digital strategies to mining, and adopting ideas from other industries to improve how mines are operated.
 Jennifer Selby This is Jennifer Selby. Engineer. Third-generation miner with a Masters in multivariate data analysis. She’s raising the bar by working to change the way mining is done—deploying the latest communication technology to improve productivity.