5,500 square foot building donated to help with Houston rebuilding efforts

May 30, 2018
A 5,500 square foot facility donated by Hatch will be used as a staging area for volunteers involved in rebuilding efforts and their supplies
A 5,500 square foot facility donated by Hatch will be used as a staging area for volunteers involved in rebuilding efforts and their supplies

A 5,500 square foot facility donated by Hatch will be used as a staging area for volunteers involved in rebuilding efforts and their suppliesHouston, Texas—Hatch, a global engineering, design, and construction management firm, with offices in Texas and throughout the US, has completed the installation of a reconstruction support facility in Pearland, Texas to aid with Hurricane Harvey rebuilding efforts and are currently in negotiations for the location and construction of a second facility. Hurricane Harvey damaged an estimated 200,000 homes across the region, of which more than 12,000 were completely destroyed. Damage costs are estimated at $125 billion and rebuilding is expected to take years.

In the days following the hurricane, Hatch deployed members of its Site Deployment team—which includes ex-military experts who specialize in rapid site deployment and disaster response relief efforts—to begin working with local authorities on assessing the damage and understanding what Hatch could do to help. Hatch’s Houston office suffered no impacts during the hurricane and so became home base for these efforts.

“As soon as we began to see and understand the impact that this storm was going to have on the area, we mobilized our team to join our colleagues in Houston and find a way to help. We saw it as a way to give back to one of the communities that we serve. So many people were impacted, including our own Hatch staff in the region, and it was important to us that we do what we can to assist,” said Carl Deroche, Global Discipline Director for Hatch’s Site Deployment team.

Natural disasters of this scale are occurring more frequently, and always pose unique and tremendous challenges. No two natural disasters are alike and therefore require planning and solutions that are practical, innovative, and sustainable. Understanding these challenges, Hatch looked for an opportunity to contribute facilities that could be used for rebuilding efforts for this and potential future events. Hatch chose a partner volunteer organization that is involved in significant long-term rebuilding efforts and donated the first 5,500-square foot building that will be used as a staging area for the volunteers and their supplies.

The cost of the building—which uses a structure provided by Sprung—as well as the engineering, construction, and labor services required to erect the building were donated by Hatch. The type of structure used is ideal in disaster-relief situations as they are pre-fabricated structures that take only days to customize and can withstand all weather conditions and are durable enough for long-term use.

“Hatch has played a vital role in helping us begin to rebuild our community. Without their donation of the structure and their engineering and construction skills, we wouldn’t have the space required to start really making a difference in people’s lives. Without support from companies like Hatch, the reconstruction efforts in Pearland would not be where they are today,” said Dan Burton, Grants Manager, from Samaritan’s Purse.
“We take great pride in being able to put our technical knowledge and experience to task in bringing relief to those impacted by natural disasters and events,” said Deroche. “Our Site Deployment team specializes in planning for, responding, and recovering from natural disasters by marrying military experience and precision planning with engineering capabilities and project management expertise.”

Hatch is currently in negotiations for the location and installation of a second building, which will be used as a construction training center for at-risk youth and returning veterans who will be a part of the home rebuilding efforts in that region.

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