Why gender inclusion matters

Emily Moore joins MiHR panel to discuss gender equity

April 10, 2017


Emily Moore
Emily Moore, managing director, Water 
On April 11, 2017, Hatch’s Emily Moore, managing director, Water, will join the Mining Industry Human Resources Council's (MiHR) panel at the upcoming webinar: Why gender inclusion matters. The free, online discussion will focus on the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce, the vision for gender equity in the sector, and how we can work together to achieve it. 


The webinar is part of a series provided by the Gender Equity in Mining (GEM) Works initiative, established by MiHR and supported by Hatch and eight additional leading companies from the Canadian mining industry. Emily also represents the company as a participant on the Gender Champions Taskforce—a three-year initiative focused on addressing and mitigating barriers to women's participation, with a goal to improving their success in the mining workforce. 


“While women represent close to half of Canada’s overall labor force, they currently make up only 17 per cent of its mining staff. This number decreases again once you look at the role women play in leadership positions and in trades and frontline operations roles. GEM Works, and the ENSEMBLE Diversity Network, give the industry and our stakeholders an opportunity to discuss key issues and build positive connections that help drive sustainable diversity and inclusion in Canada’s mining industry,” explained Sarah Gauen, manager of diversity initiatives at MiHR. 


Supported by the Government of Canada, ENSEMBLE is a network of professionals actively supporting and driving diversity and inclusion in Canada's mining industry to exchange best practices, learn from new research, and share resources. 


“The companies participating in GEM Works are helping to create positive change for the women in the workforce by mitigating barriers and opening the dialogue. The work being done collaboratively on this initiative is helping to expedite the institutional change necessary—through changes in policies and procedures—to improve gender equity across the mining and minerals industry in Canada and around the world. To have the opportunity to discuss these issues in webcast forums such as this one, with interested parties from across the country, is just one way we’re demonstrating our commitment to fostering change is both long-lasting and effective,” said Emily Moore, global director, water at Hatch. 


Learn more about how to participate in the webinar by joining the ENSEMBLE network