Mobile water treatment lab offers new solutions for miners

April 27, 2017


Water treatment
Hatch's mobile water treatment lab is helping to identify significant savings potential for our clients in mining
Hatch’s mobile water treatment lab is achieving big results, identifying significant savings potential for mining companies around the world. Developed in response to our client’s focus on operational excellence and process improvement, the lab has been used to process troubleshooting at existing water treatment plants; optimizing the operating process to decrease costs and improve operability; and finally, as a proof of concept in support of new capital expenditures. 



“The industry continues to be influenced by a changing world economy, and we’re seeing our clients respond by focusing on operational excellence and financial discipline. As they do, water use, quality, and treatment becomes a significant priority to their portfolio,” explained Andrew Kasza, Hatch process engineer, in a recent article published in Mining Magazine. 


As mining companies continue to look to make improvements to their existing assets and reduce operating costs, water use, quality, and treatment remains a significant priority. In the short time the mobile lab has been offered, Hatch continues to identify significant savings potential for clients operating existing water treatment plants. Recently, Hatch applied a high-throughput methodology to evaluate various combinations of water treatment chemicals to treat tailings reclaim water for a client in South America. Over the course of three days, and 425 distinct tests, a new solution—estimated to reduce operating costs by up to C$2 million per year—was recommended. 


“Efficient and sustainable water usage is fundamental for all water-based mining operations to maintain a social license to operate,” continues Andrew. “When treatment is required, doing so in the most cost-effective manner is essential.” 


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