Rio Tinto Fer et Titane

Feasibility study for RTFT West Wharf in Québec

April 29, 2016

After decades of monitoring and inspection work at Rio Tinto Fer et Titane’s (RTFT) West Wharf plant in Sorel-Tracy, it was determined that the factors of safety of the wharf structure were below acceptable levels. RTFT therefore decided to proceed with the necessary work to restore the required factors of safety and to prolong the life of the wharf for an additional 50 years.

The Québec-based company brought Hatch in to perform a feasibility study for planned rehabilitation of the plant. We were also awarded the pre-feasibility study where numerous rehabilitation options were assessed and ranked to arrive at an optimal solution.

The feasibility study involved a detailed analysis and design of the solution, further inspection work at the wharf, as well as project planning for the eventual execution of the rehabilitation work.

Underway since Q3 2015, employees from the Montréal, Sorel-Tracy and Niagara Falls offices have been working on the project, which is scheduled to complete in Q2 2016. The rehabilitation work is planned for Q3 2017.