PneuCalc: Demystifying pneumatic conveying


This 60-minute webinar details how PneuCalc 7.0.0 software can be used to design a new pneumatic conveying system as well as how to use it to upgrade an existing system.

Pneumatic conveying systems are used world-wide for a multitude of industrial operations to transport dry bulk solids. The challenge, however, is in designing these systems to be efficient and effective for the type of material it is conveying as there are no set standards or guidelines to build these systems, let alone optimize them. In the field, a pneumatic conveying system is a black box because you can’t see what’s happening inside the pipeline and it can be counterintuitive to troubleshoot.

PneuCalc is your ticket into the black box. This software application has all the tools needed to execute calculations, combined with an easy-to-use interface that optimizes design and project workflow. Watch as Jack Hilbert, Hatch’s subject matter expert for pneumatic handling of bulk materials, details the new features of this software, explains core design principles, and shows you how to make smart design choices using PneuCalc.

Speakers included:

  • Colin Barbeau, Host, Eastern North America Bulk Materials Handing lead, Hatch
  • Jack Hilbert, Subject Matter Expert, Pneumatic conveying systems, Hatch
  • Julien Mathieu-Morel, Demo master, Bulk Materials Handling Engineer, Hatch

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PCalc Webinar Image

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