Hatch webinars

Hatch webinars bring together thought leaders from all facets of the metals, energy, and infrastructure industries around the world.  Join our experts in discussions on innovative technologies and major issues facing the industry today, and watch them share their insights on our pursuit of a better world through positive change.

Exploring ESG standards, and their critical role in CSR strategy and the future of the nuclear industry 

This webinar was hosted by the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries and featured a panel of Hatch experts.

A modernized ANSYS-based finite element model for the thermal-electrical design of aluminium reduction cells

This webinar was presented by our Hatch expert during the ICSOBA conference.

Decarbonization and sustainability: How to drive alumina and aluminium production towards carbon neutrality

This webinar was presented by a panel of Hatch experts during the ICSOBA conference.

The Digital Drift: Unearthing innovative opportunities for Australia’s Mining and Mineral Industry 

This webinar was presented by a panel of Hatch experts.

Overcoming significant public safety concerns with permanent floating safety booms

This webinar was presented by a panel of Hatch experts during the Ontario Waterpower Association’s Virtual Summit and Tradeshow.

Energy efficiency and public-private partnerships: Canadian expertise in the UAE and Ras Al Khaimah

Presented in partnership with the Consulate General of Canada in Dubai and the Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Municipality, this event was hosted and moderated by Hatch.

H. G. Acres Symposium

Presented by Hatch

Exploring the material costs of ignoring the “S” in ESG

Presented by Chelsie Klassen

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