COREM Symposium

September 24-27, 2023
Quebec City, Canada

Hatch is excited to be presenting and sponsoring at the COREM Symposium, held in Quebec City, Canada, from September 24-27, 2023.

This symposium represents an exceptional opportunity for players in the iron ore pelletizing industry to discuss existing problems in the industry and to establish contacts with the international community in the field.

Be there to hear our Hatch expert Nicholas Aubry, Process Engineer, Pyrometallurgy speak on Opportunities for decarbonizing iron ore pelletizing technologies using green electricity - A case study, on September 26, at 8:30 am.

We are excited to meet all the attendees at the Symposium to explore opportunities, share knowledge and exchange ideas on iron ore pelletizing.

For registration and further information please visit: Accueil - Corem Symposium

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