24th World Petroleum Congress Energy Transition: The Path to Net-Zero

September 17 to 21, 2023
Calgary, AB, Canada
24th World Petroleum Congress


Hatch is thrilled to participate in the 24th World Petroleum Congress in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as a presenter, exhibitor, and sponsors, taking place from September 17 to 21, 2023. We look forward to showcasing our expertise in the industry.

Our Hatch experts at the Congress:



With over twenty years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry including upstream, midstream, and downstream processing facilities, Harjinder is one of our Energy thought leaders. His specific experience involves gas-to-liquids, gas processing, upgrading/refining and working in the petrochemical sectors.


Harjinder will be presenting on "Pathways for CO2 Emissions Reduction from Oil Refineries - Understanding Technology Options and Costs" on day 2 - Tuesday, September 19, 10:15 AM, in auditorium 5 (Block 2, Forum 7).


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Chelsie has over fifteen years of experience in social performance and stakeholder engagement that spans across the energy, metals, and infrastructure sectors. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, a Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management, and a Master of Laws. She was nominated for the 2023 Sustainable Leader of the Year award, recognized by Oilweek magazine as a Rising Star in the oil and natural gas industry for outstanding leadership in communications and named a United Nations (UN) Innovator by the UN Global Compact.


As the WPC Sustainability and Social Responsibility Co-Chair, Chelsie has been involved in the development of the entire Sustainability and Social Responsibility (SSR) programming. She is responsible for the programming at the SSR stage and the Indigenous Treaty 7 representation at the Congress. You can find Chelsie on the SSR stage all week and kicking of the 24th WPC off at the Women’s Networking Breakfast on September 17 at 8:00am.


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All attendees are invited to visit us at booth #3117 in the Carbon Tech Expo and connect our experts.



Paul has over twenty years of experience in the oil and gas industry, with experience spanning across the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments. Paul is a subject matter expert/thought leader in directional drilling, horizontal wells, and artificial lift.


Also, a long-standing member of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association (CHOA) and the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Paul was recently appointed to the CHOA Board of Directors.


Find Paul at our booth in the Carbon Tech Expo on Tuesday, Sept 19, 2023 at 1:00PM Booth #3117


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Chris has over twenty years of business development experience. At Hatch, Chris is the Regional Director of Oil & Gas for Western Canada, leading numerous projects and initiatives in the region. Chris is known for his strategic thinking and ability to forge strong, long-lasting relationships.


Find Chris at our booth, #3117, in the Carbon Tech Expo on Tuesday, Sept 19, 2023 at 1:00PM


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Kerry is an accomplished engineering leader with 20 years of experience. As Global Director at Hatch, he drives innovative solutions in the metal and energy sectors. Kerry's expertise spans process reactors, unconventional oil, and energy storage. Kerry has driven the feasibility study for a waste-to-liquids facility at Lighthouse Green Fuels, led a project team in progressing the development of a shale oil recovery process at Red Leaf Resources, and played a pivotal role in various waste-to-energy and biomass projects globally. Kerry's technical acumen, leadership prowess, and dedication to advancing energy technologies make him an invaluable asset to the Hatch team. As a leader, Kerry McKenna continues to redefine the boundaries of innovation in the oil and gas industry.


Join Kerry at the Carbon Tech Expo stage for his presentation on “Sustainable Fuels at a Sustainable Price” at 11:15 AM, Tuesday, Sept 19, 2023 then find him right after! At our booth, #3117, in the Carbon Tech Expo at 1:00PM.


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Curtis is a professional engineer with over eighteen years of experience in the oil and gas transportation industry. With his deep understanding of the industry, he consistently delivers exceptional results and builds strong partnerships with clients. Curtis is known for his problem-solving skills and innovative approach to driving business growth.


Curtis is co-author with Lily So on the paper/poster "Developments in Turquoise Hydrogen and Roadmap Towards Commercial Adoption".


Find Curtis throughout the Congress in the Carbon Tech Expo at booth #3117


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Eswarram is an analyst working in the Hatch Advisory practice. He has four years’ experience working primarily in the Energy sector, including projects in oil and gas and energy transformation, as well as mining experience. This includes process engineering work for upgrades to existing onshore and offshore facilities, flow assurance feasibility studies for offshore developments and operational support for existing production facilities. Eswarram also has experience working on net zero implementation projects, LNG, and hydrogen studies.


Eswarram will be presenting the poster "Successfully Transitioning the Workforce to a Cleaner, Greener Future" on day 3 - Wednesday, September 20, 2:00 PM, at Poster Plaza Stage 4, Forum 16.


Lily So

Lily is a skilled Process Engineer with over ten years of project management experience. Lily specializes in managing intellectual property and developing technologies for the battery industry from ideation to commercialization at Hatch. Lily is also a process specialist for dry granulation, offering sustainable solutions for handling molten slags, metals, alloys, and mattes in pyrometallurgical operations.


With a background in nanotechnology and chemical engineering, Lily's knowledge encompasses industrial R&D, technology commercialization, new materials design, chemical reactor design, chemical process modeling, and multivariate statistical data analysis.


Don't miss Lily's poster presentation on "Developments in Turquoise Hydrogen and Roadmap Towards Commercial Adoption" on day 4 - Thursday, September 21, at 10 AM, on Poster Plaza Stage 3, Forum 13.


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Iain is a seasoned principal consultant process engineer with over nineteen years of experience in the oil and gas industry. As a Chartered Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, he has a proven track record in studies, conceptual, FEED, and detailed design for leading oil and gas contractors and consultancies.


Specializing in LNG liquefaction and regasification facilities, Iain's expertise extends to onshore and offshore oil and gas processing facilities, including the design of North Sea oil rigs and gas treatment facilities. He also possesses knowledge of coal to liquids facilities and refineries.


Join Iain in the poster plaza where he will share insights on "Decarbonizing the Full LNG Production Value Chain" on day 4 - Thursday, September 21, at 10:00 AM, at Poster Plaza Stage 4, Forum 17.


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Wessel is a Senior Process Engineer with more than 20 years of Oil and Gas industry related experience. He has been a lead process engineer for Hatch's Coal to Liquids (CTL), Biomass to Liquids (BTL), Waste to Liquids (WTL) and Gas to Liquids (GTL) studies as well as fulfilling the Project Manager role for a number of studies. As a result, he has developed an in-depth understanding of a wide range of technologies at various levels of development, including their associated project execution considerations. Furthermore, he is proficient at using economic modeling to optimize the design of such projects and to maximize their economic viability.


To learn more, hear Wessel at the Poster Plaza, where he will share insights on "Maximizing Carbon Utilization in Conventional Biomass to Liquids Pathways, in the session - Block 2: Transition in Refining, PetroChemicals & Products on Wednesday, September 20, at 2:15 PM, Poster Plaza 2.


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Scott is an Engagement Manager at Hatch, specializing in climate change initiatives. With a robust background spanning over 5 years in management consulting, he excels in optimizing energy efficiency, streamlining processes, and driving cost reductions across asset-intensive sectors.


His expertise extends to analyzing oil and gas companies, evaluating their reserves, production capabilities, and management teams. Moreover, he actively contributes to assessing investment prospects in sustainable energy assets and technologies. Scott is a distinguished alumnus of Queen's University, holding dual bachelor's degrees in chemical engineering and economics.


Join Scott at the Poster Plaza, where he will speak about “Greening of Supply Chains” in the session - Leadership Challenges in Transition - FORUM 17, on Thursday, 21 September 2023, at 10:00 AM, Poster Plaza Stage 4.


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We look forward to meeting all the attendees at the 24th WPC and sharing our insight on various topics related to carbon emissions reduction in the industry.

For registration and further information please visit: 24th World Petroleum Congress 2023.

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