EUROSLAG - 9th European Slag Conference

October 11-13, 2017
The Arsenal
Metz, France

Hatch is a proud sponsor of the 9th European Slag Conference held at The Arsenal in Metz, France.

Organized by EUROSLAG with the local support of AFOCO, the French Industrial Co-Products Operators Association, the 9th European Slag Conference will provide the exchange of knowledge related to technical applications, environmental and legal subjects for all kinds of iron and steel slags. EUROSLAG is the federation of all main European organizations and companies concerned with all aspects of manufacturing and utilization of ferrous slag products.

Hatch professionals Janice Bolen and Sina Mostaghel will be exhibiting at the European Slag Conference. Hatch and Ecomaister (South Korea) have teamed up to develop new applications for dry atomization. Dry atomization is well established in the steel industry, but there are many other metals plants that we think could benefit from this technology. Hatch travels around the world with our lab and pilot scale equipment to test new slags, mattes and metals. The exhibit will include some of the samples from our extensive test campaigns.

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