POWER-GEN International Conference

Clean, safe, reliable power: we can help you get there

December 13–15, 2016
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida, UnitedStates

For decades, we’ve relied on traditional energy sources — especially fossil fuels and hydroelectric — to supply large amounts of power. Today, the realities of climate change are transforming the global energy mix.

We're coming to Orlando this December to join the discussion on bringing cleaner, better, cheaper power to the world. Our nuclear experts will be at Booth #1057 in the Canadian Nuclear Pavilion, exhibiting alongside the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries. Stop in to talk nuclear refurbishment as a low-cost, high-tech power solution that’s clean, safe, and reliable.

We’re putting our best minds to work for your business to find the smarter energy solution. If the answer doesn’t exist today, we’ll work with you to create it.

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