Mines and Money London

Keynote: Why wait? Refocus value, push technology, and kick-start your own market recovery

November 28–December 1, 2016
Business Design Centre
London, UnitedKingdom

Mining is ripe for new business models. By asking new questions, focusing on value, and pushing the benefits technology can offer, Jan Kwak, our managing director of mining and mineral processing, believes game-changing business paradigms and benchmarking practices will emerge.

At the upcoming Mines and Money London conference, Jan will be providing a keynote address titled "Towards a new paradigm: rethinking financing in the mining industry." Waiting for markets to recover is not a business strategy, says Jan. By continually challenging the status quo and demanding new ways to drive performance, mining companies can identify value-driven transformations.

In his presentation, Jan will focus on the relationships between business strategy, technology, project development, and life-of-mine operations. He'll look at the existing industry structure and share his thoughts on how we can start disengaging from old models and find new paradigms and processes that can transform the way mining business are financed and run.

Hatch is a platinum sponsor of Mines and Money London conference. Catch Jan's presentation on Tuesday, November 29 at 10:50 a.m.

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