AISTech 2016

Innovation in Pittsburgh—Hatch experts present on advanced furnace tech development

May 16–19, 2016
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, UnitedStates

Innovation and technology development isn’t just the key to improving efficiency and unlocking new value—it’s also the key to solving the world’s greatest problems. We’re bringing innovation to Pittsburgh and the annual AISTech conference, with 11 presentations and 9 different speakers. Check out our lineup and stop by booth No.1617 in the exhibition hall.

May 16:

10:00 am: Dustin Vickress on “Advanced technology developments for improving blast furnace stave life”
11:00 am: Mitren Sukhram on “The use of electrical technologies in blast furnace ironmaking”
2:00 pm: Kyle Chomyn on “Hot blast air inlet main design modifications for improved campaign life”
2:00 pm: Barry Hyde participates in a panel on “Postponing BF relines & capital expenditures (ironmaking)”
4:00 pm: Mitren Sukhram on “A novel and cost-effective process for production of high-mn medium-c steel”

May 17:

11:00 am: Yakov Gordon on “Energy-efficient technology to produce hot metal from titania-magnetite ore”
2:00 pm: Yakov Gordon on “Optimal distribution of supplemental fuel and oxygen among furnaces in a blast furnace shop”
2:30 pm: Lily So on “Recent developments in commercial-scale dry slag granulation and energy recovery”
4:30 pm: Yakov Gordon on “Mathematical modeling and practical tasks solution of blast furnace smelting”

May 18:

8:00 am: David Chataway on “Principles for blast furnace refractory lining inspection and monitoring using acoustic and ultrasonic technologies”
8:00 am: Ian Cameron on “Removal of phosphorus — technology alternatives”
8:30 am: Yakov Gordon on “Careful control of refractory lining conditions ensures intensive operation and long campaign of blast furnace”
9:00 am: Hamid Ghorbani on “Prediction of refractory temperature and skull thickness in blast furnace hearth using au-e and thermocouple data"

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