Noqobo Bongoza

Noqobo Bongoza

Assistant Project Manager, Civil Site Development

Equipped with a national diploma in civil engineering and a bachelor of technology degree, Noqobo began her career with Hatch in 2004. Embarking on a career with Hatch was an easy decision for Noqobo, as she wanted to be a part of an organization that aligned with her values. Noqobo was drawn to Hatch because of the organization’s unwavering dedication to positive change and the entrepreneur mindset, which really resonated with her. Who wouldn’t want to join forces with an organization where you’re encouraged to be the driver of your own career? Currently an assistant project manager, Noqobo is responsible for completing project deliverables within the agreed parameters of cost, quality, and time, requiring a high degree of collaboration.

When out of office, Noqobo enjoys spending time with family and can often be found relaxing with friends or on a hiking trail. In fact, Noqobo recently joined a hiking club and is keen to explore the Kingdom of Lesotho.

What does positive change mean to you?

“Engineering impacts our lives in various ways, whether it's by providing electricity or building railways to create access to new opportunity. Every day I get to work with some of the greatest minds, doing meaningful work that transforms peoples' lives and their communities – that’s what positive change means to me.”

How are you changing the world?

“I am working to change the world through collaboration. At Hatch, we believe that collaboration is essential to our success in tackling the tough as it promotes innovation and in turn the best results for our clients and communities.”

What do you think are the toughest challenges facing your clients?

“The toughest challenge our clients often face is achieving balance between political and socioeconomic decisions. At Hatch, we use the values outlined in our Manifesto as our guide to create the best solutions for our clients and communities, ensuring our clients never have to compromise value and quality, and leaving the communities we work in better than when we found them.”

What are you most proud of?

“The year 2013 stands out the most. I completed Hatch’s Business of Consulting Engineering Training Program intended to rapidly grow and groom young professionals for senior management positions and responsibility. The course helped me enhance my soft skills, which are generally not taught as part of the engineering curriculum at tertiary institutions. At the end of the course, armed with new knowledge, I had a better understanding of my role as a consulting engineer and was also offered a new opportunity as a project manager.”

What do you like most about working at Hatch? How do you think the Hatch culture is different from other companies?

“The opportunities for development really make Hatch stand out. At Hatch, we are dedicated to developing fulfilling careers for our people. We have an annual career development management exercise and employees are encouraged to set SMART goals. The focus for development extends beyond career are provided access and encouraged to develop.”