Mateus Candian

Mateus Candian

Lead, Controls, Automation & Electrical (CA&E), Brazil​ 

Mateus is a seasoned control and automation engineer in Hatch's CA&E group with a strong background in system and process control, automation, and instrumentation. With extensive experience in industrial automation, hardware, and software in the mining industry, he has contributed to successful projects globally, including the Barro Alto Furnaces Upgrade for Anglo American and the Mineração Usiminas Filtration Plant projects. Mateus's expertise extends to projects such as Mineração Onça Puma Furnace 1 Rebuild and the Lucy Filtration Plant project by Vale/Prony. As the local lead of CA&E in Brazil, he excels in managing time, cost, interfaces, and schedules while ensuring project success. 

“Mateus has a big team with representative diversity and all their employee see him as someone that inspires others. Mateus has the leadership pillars as drive for your management and development of himself and others. His comments and contributions are always with a high level of respect and honestly to help the development of people and business of Hatch locally and globally.” , Thiago Ribeiro.

Why do you believe in diversity and inclusion?  

I believe that diversity promotes a healthy work environment, increases respect for differences, and makes you think a little more outside the box. The exchange of experiences increases motivation and consequently improved productivity.  

What do you think we need to do as individuals to improve inclusivity?  

When it comes to inclusion in companies, I think the most important thing is prioritizing the professional's potential, understanding our unique differences, and using each team member’s strengths. 

What does positive change mean to you?  

Positive change means being an example. Be a good example, have influence with others and then we can see the positive impacts happening in our community and our lives. If I am respectful, I receive respect. If I am honest I (hope) to receive honesty back. If I spend hours with my colleagues, I receive admiration. I believe in our manifesto when it says that we can make a better world through positive change, so, getting our environment better with positive change, we are starting to build a better world.  

What do you think are the toughest challenges facing our clients? 

I believe that unconscious bias is the biggest barrier to be broken by our clients as they seek to increase diversity and inclusion and consequently productivity. Many have rooted bias towards the new. For our customers, if it's working and producing, there's no need to change. Therefore, the policies to be implemented will give results gradually, only in long term we will have greater inclusion and eyes looking to the community.  

What are you most proud of? 

I'm very proud of the team that I've being building at Hatch. I can say that my team is diverse and inclusive. I have people of several ages, ethnicities, races, colors, genders, sexual orientation, and nationalities who together make up a strong and cohesive team, and in the years that I've been leading the Controls and Automation team, growth has been 315% and very few people have asked to leave. We are becoming a reference in some subjects and support for several projects not only in the region but also globally.  

What do you like most about working at Hatch? How do you think the Hatch culture is different from other companies? 

In addition to the welcoming and friendly environment, we have the freedom to work towards a common good, which could be for our customers, Hatch itself, or even our community. We are challenged to stay ahead, to advance, and grow within the organization. Hatch is strong in its policies and very respectful of people. I identify a lot with the manifesto, including in my personal life, and I am happy to work in a company that cares for the wellness/health of the employees without neglecting efficiency. As I said before, my team is diverse, many came from competing companies and even partner companies, and they agree that Hatch is the best company they have ever worked for, mainly because of its strong culture and values.