Julie Harvey

Julie Harvey

Project Manager, Project Management & Construction

To Julie, everyone has a responsibility to take action to improve inclusivity, and every small action counts. Julie took a big step forward in encouraging inclusivity when she created a Women of Engineering group in 2015 and since then has led the group in their pursuit toward helping women develop themselves and build a successful career in an industry still dominated by men.

Julie’s nominators noted Julie’s support of her fellow women colleagues, acting as an advocate and role model: “She supports her female colleagues in achieving their goals, and above all, motivates them to overcome their fears and go for it. She never hesitates to denounce injustices, and to motivate and support her colleagues to do the same.”

A senior engineer and project manager within our Montreal Project Management and Construction team, Julie personifies honesty and respect, both to her colleagues and clients. Her nominators shared: “Julie has always been very transparent. I know that her colleagues appreciate her just as much as the clients with whom she has worked during her career. Above all, they appreciate her for her quiet strength [and] her ability to always find a solution … Julie has certainly made a difference in the career path for many of us with her valuable advice.”

The simplified and flat organizational culture at Hatch gives more flexibility and liberty to everyone to take initiative to create unprecedented outcomes to our clients.

Why do you believe in diversity and inclusion?

I believe that the term diversity and inclusion is a subject that everyone can become more informed on, specifically awareness about our biases. But awareness is not enough, we should continue to exercise inclusion ourselves as it can take generations before biases can really change as sometimes it begins with how we are raised.

What does positive change mean to you?

Being a positive person, I have the mindset to turn every challenge or failure into a positive and identify the lesson learned from it. At Hatch, as an engineering provider, we are hired by our clients to provide advice or support them throughout the life cycle of an engagement, which, at the core of it, are changes to their organization. Change is not always easy to implement and what positive change means to me is that we are determined and passionately committed to offering a positive experience, either to our client than to our colleagues.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud to have taken the leadership to start a group in 2015 for women (engineers and designers) based in our Quebec offices to help them to have an amazing career at Hatch by giving women tools to succeed. The goal was to maximize the benefit to Hatch from the diversity and potential of women.

At the beginning, it was only to get women together to share about challenges, career opportunities, work-life balance advice, etc. I’m proud that since then, the group has adapted to the needs of the group and the format has changed multiple times. Recently, in 2022, we opened the group to all women in Quebec offices and we are meeting on a monthly basis. Our subject and tools are being selected from the Lean In global community, which is dedicated to helping foster leadership, advancement, and inclusion for women in the workplace.

What do you like most about working at Hatch? How do you think the Hatch culture is different from other companies?

To have the opportunity to work with exceptional and talented colleagues who make a difference and who are always there to support their colleagues. It always easier to solve problems, to adapt to change, or to develop better ideas by being able to count on the vast engineering and market knowledge of our colleagues. This is the thing that make me love my work at Hatch so much.

The simplified and flat organizational culture at Hatch gives more flexibility and liberty to everyone to take initiative to create unprecedented outcomes to our clients.