Gisella Mulder

Gisella Mulder

Regional Lead, Industrial Clean Technologies, AEM

Gisella is a process engineer and the regional lead of our Industrial Clean Technology team in the Africa, Europe and Middle East (AEM) region. She was recently part of projects for Northam Platinum and Sibanye Stillwater.

Gisella was one of the recipients of the 2023 Positive Change Awards, a program to recognize employees who contribute to building Hatch’s inclusive organization, who exemplify the values of our Manifesto, and who actively work towards strengthening our diverse teams.

“Gisella is doing a fantastic job leading the all-female Northam F3 process team. She has made a huge impact on the client and has brought innovation and inspiration to the team. She has taken her team members under her wing, upskilling and empowering them and acting as a role model to females within the process discipline. Gisella has no problem being unconditionally honest in her approach with the team and the client and has gained immense respect because of it,” shared one of Gisella’s nominators for the award.

Why do you believe in diversity and inclusion (D&I)? 

D&I provides a way for a team to grow, better interact, and become more innovative by learning different perspectives from one another.

What do you think we need to do as individuals to improve inclusivity? 

We can improve inclusivity by engaging the various great people in our teams and really listening to their responses. But most of all, people need to feel that they can voice their ideas and that they will be heard.

What does positive change mean to you? 

Positive change is a mindset that I choose every morning I wake up. It is a way of doing things better, understanding that there are things you cannot change, and realizing you have control over how you respond to the situation. It is a mindset I choose to reset to before walking into a meeting.

What do you think are the toughest challenges facing our clients? 

Currently, given our busy climate, our toughest challenge is delivering our commitments on time and managing our client’s expectations accordingly. The only way we can solve this is by engaging with the great people in our teams. This also provides a great opportunity for young engineers to grow within the business. 

What are you most proud of? 

It makes me proud to see development and growth in the people you have walked a mile with. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the seeds you water bloom into tulips. 

What do you like most about working at Hatch? How do you think the Hatch culture is different from other companies? 

Hatch is a place where you can feel safe to voice new ideas and really be innovative in solving the world’s toughest challenges. It is one of the few work environments where you can see the commitment of the employees and leadership to the company manifesto. It is a place of comradery and mentorship. A place where you can ask a question on any commodity or application and a subject matter expert will be able to respond. But most of all, Hatch is a place where every individual feels they belong to a (very smart) family.