Fabiola Sartini

Fabiola Sartini

Advisory Consultant, Business Analyst - Senior, Advisory Analysts, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Please provide your current role:

Fabiola is a member of Hatch’s Advisory team, working as a consultant in our Belo Horizonte office. In this role she works to advise our client, , including gathering and analyzing information, developing and communicating recommendations, and presenting results to client management.

Fabiola also leads the South America region’s diversity and inclusion committee. In recognition of her efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at Hatch, she was honored with a 2023 Positive Change Award.

Why do you believe in diversity and inclusion?

I believe in a network where all people and groups are included regardless of their race, culture, and choices. Opportunities must be built through this network so that we can close gaps and grow.

What do you think we need to do as individuals to improve inclusivity?

We are taking progressive steps forward and actively addressing this diversity, equity, and inclusion It is essential to educate ourselves to learn more about diverse perspectives and cultures and check our unconscious bias. Cultivating inclusive spaces, both physical and virtual, further strengthens this ethos and motivates a broader range of individuals to take tangible steps, thereby fostering a more diverse team. Staying open to learning, feedback, and self-improving is key to this process.

What does positive change mean to you?

It means understanding that you are in the right path.

What do you think are the toughest challenges facing our clients?

Making our clients understand and support this culture in all its dimensions remains a significant obstacle. We frequently encounter situations with clients—instances involving speech, judgment, unconscious biases, and harassment—demanding our careful attention and adept communication. Therefore, it is important to prepare our team for understanding various behaviors and skillfully addressing demanding scenarios that require action. Often, modifying our own behavior significantly influences this comprehension and subsequently brings about changes in client behavior. By setting these parameters early on in our long term client relationships, many challenges can be avoided.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud to have been able to connect with a supportive network within Hatch that believes in the Diversity and Inclusion and the important impact of D&I in many lives, as my own. This has allowed us to transform a corporate environment to value our greatest asset, which are people.

What do you like most about working at Hatch? How do you think the Hatch culture is different from other companies?

Hatch makes me feel comfortable being who I am. When company culture is tied to your values, it's easier for you to feel welcomed. It also provides you with the opportunity to establish connections in different regions, to learn about other peoples’ challenges, and to discover their culture.