Hatch welcomes young bright minds for Bring Your Kid to Work Day

Hatch welcomes young bright minds for Bring Your Kid to Work Day

Hatch recently welcomed 83 children of Hatch staff to the workplace for Hatch’s first Bring Your Kid to Work Day in Brisbane, Australia.

Similar initiatives are held all over the world, but this was the first of its kind in our Australian offices. Kids of all ages were invited to participate in the event, which offered an introduction to our industry, workplace, and safety culture; an opportunity to spend time with their parents learning what they do; and job demonstrations.

Our visitors were divided by age. Children in grades seven and up received a demonstration on how to use 3D printing and virtual reality, were introduced to engineering design programs and systems, and learned about the importance of electrical motors and control systems. Other age groups participated in construction challenges and activities that required teamwork and creativity while learning about the different aspects of engineering. The day’s events covered all sectors that Hatch focuses on: metals, infrastructure, energy, and digital.

Through this initiative, the children were given the opportunity to not only learn about the place their parents spend most of their day, but also were offered valuable insight into our industry. With Bring Your Kid to Work Day, we hope to inspire the next generation of leaders to consider careers in engineering and foster in youth the drive to create positive change.

The day was also a way to shine a light on Hatch's inclusive, flexible workplace culture. Employees were able to gain insight into their colleagues' lives outside of work, giving them an opportunity to connect in different ways.

Video courtesy of one of the Bring Your Kids to Work Day student participants.