Hatch “mines for miracles” in support of BC Children’s Hospital

Hatch has been involved in the Mining for Miracles fundraising campaign for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation for many years. The campaign originated in 1988 when the mining companies in northern British Columbia, Canada saw the hospital’s need for more funding to support research that helps improve the quality of health care for children in the province. Coming together as a sector, mining companies, including Hatch, worked with the hospital to create Mining for Miracles, raising more than $33 million in areas of critical need over 33 years.

Pie Throw is the campaign’s signature event. Each year, leaders from across the industry are paired in a friendly fundraising competition. Whoever raises the most funds earns the right to publicly pie their competitor, with their family, friends, and business networks bearing witness. While the event is usually held live in a plaza in downtown Vancouver, this year the event pivoted to a virtual format, streaming over three days.

Through generous employee donations, Hatch’s team this year raised $21,000, which was then matched by corporate donation, bringing the total amount to more than $42,000—a record year for Hatch! With no administrative fee overhead for the campaign, every dollar will be put directly into the hospital to fund life-saving research.

To close out the fun in this fundraising event, Gerry Hayes, a Principal with Hatch, joined the Engineering Battle Royale Pie Throw team, along with three other members from various client companies and industry associations. Each member filmed a video of themselves either getting or receiving a pie thrown in the face, depending on which person raised the most amount of money, with the “winner” getting to throw the pie. The videos were then pieced together and edited to simulate a real pie throw!

“I am very proud of our people for stepping up to donate to a worthy cause. This is a significant achievement, as we surpassed our amount raised last year by $25,000,” said Gerry. “Many of employees might have benefitted from the hospital, so it holds personal connection for a lot of them as well.”
“A heartfelt thank you to all of our 2021 Pie-ees for your incredible support, reaching out to your networks and colleagues, families and friends, to help raise more than $1,462,179 (146% of our goal!!!) for the B.C. Children’s Hospital Cellular and Regenerative Medicine Centre! The funds raised will give clinicians at B.C. Children’s the tools to better understand the genetic cause of heart arrhythmias and ensure kids receive the best care possible enabling them to reach their greatest potential. Your steadfast commitment, incredible fundraising efforts, and your humor and theatrical abilities made this inaugural virtual event a staggering success, and for that we are very grateful,” shared Karla Mills, Mining for Miracles co-chair.