Inside... Decarbonizing the steel industry
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Forging the future: Decarbonizing the steel industry
This podcast series will navigate through the complex market dynamics, socio-economic impacts, and technological hurdles that must be overcome to foster a green steel industry. With Hatch’s extensive experience and longstanding relationships in the industry, we’ll uncover the innovations and strategies that are driving real progress toward a greener future. 
Episode 1: Understanding the green steel dilemma  
In our debut episode we unravel the complexities of green steel—a revolutionary concept that promises to reshape the steel landscape. But what exactly is green steel? How is it produced? And why is it crucial in today’s market?
Exploring unique pathways to decarbonize steel production
Demand for steel is projected to increase by 25% by 2050. With the growing concern over climate change, transitioning to low-carbon production processes is critical for both the steel industry and the planet’s sustainability.
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Digital solutions in steel production
Realizing a vision of an equitable and sustainable world in the coming decades requires the establishment of a more extensive and sustainable mining and metals processing industry. The realization of this vision hinges on digital innovation, leveraging intelligent data use, analytics, and machine learning,
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Powering tomorrow’s steel mills with nuclear energy
As the iron and steel industry moves to decarbonize its processes, a significant amount of carbon-free energy will be required, and nuclear technology is well positioned to be part of the solution. Hatch expert Raf Hirmiz explores a few of the top pathways and shows how nuclear energy can be part of the decarbonization solution.
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BHP and Hatch begin design study for electric smelting furnace
As a leading supplier of electric smelting furnace technology, our business is built on customizing proven technology to suit new and unique applications. Together with BHP, the design and development of a pilot electric smelting furnace facility will accelerate the adoption of new iron and steelmaking technologies.
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