Inside... Hatch @ COP28 | UAE
Navigating the path to corporate integrity and net-zero commitment
With heightened challenges being faced by the 11,000 organizations that have pledged to the UN Race to Zero initiative, the issue of corporate integrity and the urgency of fulfilling commitments to achieve a net-zero future by 2050 has become critical. With the global population currently falling short of our targets, the need for tangible actions over symbolic gestures has never been higher.
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Meeting the challenge of decarbonizing the world’s ports   
The ports and terminals sector serves as a microcosm of the value of decarbonization as it relates to transportation infrastructure. Not only are ports the major nodes and ecosystem for handling all cargo types both waterside and landside, they are also gateways for importing and exporting alternate fuels as demand for lower carbon footprint logistics solutions increases over time.
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Navigating the evolution of sustainable finance
In light of COP28 initiatives, Hatch experts Jonathan Lee, Bianca Bustamante, and Manuel Araujo discuss the transformative journey of sustainable finance and its convergence with mainstream financial practices.
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Accessing decarbonization technologies
As world leaders gathered at COP28 in Dubai, one thing was clear: Time is running out.  
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Navigating the social seas in the race to net-zero
In the evolving landscape of the journey toward net-zero, we, as an industry, are at a crucial intersection of environmental, social, and governance considerations.
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