Inside... companies are looking for opportunities to enter the battery market
Battery market solutions
A growing number of companies are looking for opportunities to enter the battery market. Whether it is developing new markets and verticals, securing supplies of materials, developing processing capabilities, modifying flowsheets to expand operations, or building new manufacturing facilities, the challenge can be daunting.
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Engaging an EPCM approach for gigafactory development
As the world embraces greener and more sustainable energy solutions, the demand for batteries has surged, giving rise to large-scale battery production facilities known as gigafactories. These facilities play a crucial role in powering electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and consumer electronics. But the complexity of designing and constructing a gigafactory demands a wide range of expertise that not every organization possesses.
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From digitalization to transformation
Digital solutions can do more than shape innovation and take your business to new heights. They can create a step change in value, ushering in new business models and maximizing opportunities. But digitalization can be tough to tackle; there are very real issues regarding adoption and workplace culture, and valid concerns about a workforce's ability to adapt to change.
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How IROCs revolutionize mining operations for a sustainable future
Today’s consumers seek a greener, cleaner, decarbonized future. They want solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries. They want electric cars and energy-efficient household appliances. These technologies and products, however, require metals and minerals that must be extracted from the earth using conventional and unfavorable mining processes. More demand means more output, which means the mining industry will have to adapt to meet accelerating emissions goals.
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Making the case for reinvestment in transport infrastructure 
Climate change represents not only a threat, but an opportunity for infrastructure renewal throughout the planet. In Europe, the possibilities for climate-conscious, resilient infrastructure development are boundless, but not without challenges. 
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Oil refineries and the path to decarbonization
Developing a credible, actionable plan to decarbonize an oil refinery is a complex undertaking. However, with the right strategies, including carbon capture, alternative energy sources, and financial incentives, the transformation to a greener future is not only achievable but also advantageous for those who act early to reduce emissions and gain a competitive edge in a changing energy landscape.
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Hatch and Tractebel join forces to support nuclear developments
Hatch’s collaboration with Tractebel aims to support the industrial and energy sector with the deployment of small and large nuclear technologies in North America and Europe. 
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Hatch has been ranked a Top 100 Ideal Employer
With a focus on employer reputation and image, people and culture, remuneration and advancement opportunities, and job characteristics, Hatch has secured a spot among Canada's Top 100 Most Attractive Employers for Engineering and IT students.
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