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Overcoming obstacles to find opportunities in climate change
Climate change is one of the world’s toughest problems. To achieve the level of greenhouse gas emission reductions needed to avoid catastrophic change, decisive action must be taken now.
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Triaging our efforts to achieve global CO2 reduction targets
Achieving our carbon emissions goals will require a multi-faceted triaging approach comprising science, technology, policies, and economics. It means prioritizing what’s most needed, what will achieve the greatest impact, and what’s most likely to achieve success.
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Changing climate, changing priorities: the transition to a low-carbon economy
(Part 1)
The mining industry is faced with the global imperative to reduce its carbon footprint and help mitigate the negative impacts of carbon emissions on the environment.
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Changing climate, changing priorities: the transition to a low-carbon economy
(Part 2)
We look at some of the available solutions to mitigate the negative impacts of carbon emissions and how organizations can build a road map on their journey to carbon neutrality.
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Renewable energy in mining: a practical application for active operations
Renewable energy will be critical to achieving net-zero operations. To reach their emission reduction targets, mine operators are incorporating green technologies for power generation and energy storage capabilities.
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Challenging conventional thinking for carbon reduction and removal
How will we achieve net-zero emissions when global energy consumption continues to increase? Carbon capture utilization and storage in the oil and gas sector is one solution.
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Overcoming challenges from the ever-increasing EV footprint on distribution grids
The future of electric vehicles is promising. But what does this mean for the distribution grid and how can we avoid some of the challenges?
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52nd H.G. Acres Symposium
Join us live at the H.G. Acres Symposium on April 21, where our panel of industry experts will share their unique approaches to climate change, discuss threats and opportunities, and share valuable lessons learned.
Dust insufflation at the Cerro Matoso nickel smelter
South32 has been pursuing alternative fuels and optimization of its kiln combustion process at Cerro Matoso since 2008, with the goal to reduce both operating cost and greenhouse gas emissions. Read more »
Responding to the energy transition
Today, the realities of climate change are transforming the global energy mix and our world. Tackling climate change will require a major shift to less-carbon-intensive forms of energy. Read more »
One of Canada’s Greenest Employers
Just in time for #EarthDay, we're celebrating having been named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for the fifth consecutive year. Operating our own business sustainably helps to achieve our climate change goals.
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