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Hatch LTK: positive change for the next century
Our nearly finalized integration with LTK will create a powerhouse global service provider focused on the unique needs of clients in all our market sectors. LTK’s experience and expertise will complement our existing capabilities in transportation and logistics, urban solutions, and water.
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Advancing the planning, design, and development of the urban environment
Our new integration with RobertsDay offers a cohesive, multidisciplinary place-led design service. It unites Australian thought leaders in urban solutions with global experts in infrastructure, engineering, and construction.
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Preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 on high-touch surfaces
A Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Alliance COVID-19 grant will allow McGill University and National Research Council Canada researchers to produce a cost-effective, production-ready antiviral coating for high-touch metallic surfaces.
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Finger on the pulse: how COVID-19 is changing the way we work
A recent Pulse Survey with some of our closest clients uncovers how various organizations across the UK, US, Canada, and South Africa have responded to the pandemic.
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Embedding social value in project planning is more than a nice-to-have
Interest in social value, including how to embed this thinking in capital projects, has been building for years. Let's have a look how.
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Partnership with X-Terra delivers broad environmental solutions
Our Memorandum of Understanding with Indigenous-owned X-Terra allows us to jointly deliver environmental services and strengthens our ability to provide clients with complete services for the full project life cycle.
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Achieving positive change and long-term sustainability through community building
As companies increasingly witness the business benefits of supporting their communities, the role of corporate social responsibility is beginning to take on greater significance in the boardroom.
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Unlocking a sustainable energy mix with nuclear
Energy inequality, urbanization, and climate change all share one thing in common: access to sustainable and reliable power. Find out how nuclear and fusion technologies can help us achieve a less carbon-intensive world in an economical way.
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How to ensure your new operation delivers its nameplate capacity
Although many operations believe they’re performing a suitable operational readiness, commissioning, and ramp-up (OCR) process, they may be missing out on maximizing the potential of new facilities. Read more »
Converting inexpensive natural gas into high-value economics
As the world pursues a massive energy transition, we are enabling technology to produce higher value, higher demand products that benefit consumers and can be readily exported. Read more »
The million-dollar missing link between construction and operation
Highly successful businesses transition from construction to operations quickly and smoothly through a sufficiently robust approach to OCR. Not only is OCR the missing link, but understanding that OCR is a specialist skill is vital. Read more »
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