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Helping our clients navigate a global pandemic
As the world grapples with the impact of COVID-19, we are proactively engaging with our clients to support them through this crisis.
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Message from our CEO
Hatch Chairman and CEO, John Bianchini, shares some of the ways that our clients, partners, and teams are creating positive change during these turbulent times.
Navigating through times of uncertainty
Looking at four strategies to successfully manage uncertainty as an individual and as a business during COVID-19.
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COVID-19: local exposure to the crisis
Our Urban Solutions team has developed an interactive dashboard that tries to identify exposure to the socio-economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic across England.
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An Earth Day like we’ve never seen
How a global pandemic shed light on our fraught relationship with climate change.
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The transition to a low-carbon economy
(Part 1)
In part one of his two-part blog, Trevor Bergfeldt addresses how the mining industry is helping to fight climate change by accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.
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Solar powering the Arctic
The cost of transporting fuel to remote locations presents one of the strongest business cases for integrating renewable energy with diesel power generation in the Arctic.
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Industry comes together to form Green Hydrogen Consortium
The Green Hydrogen Consortium will look at ways of using green energy to accelerate decarbonization within their operations globally.
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A strategic partnership with General Fusion
Hatch brings power plant engineering to General Fusion’s Demonstration Plant project. Read more »
Watch now! The journey to digitization
Industry experts weigh-in on achieving life cycle value in digital project delivery. Read more »
Successful project delivery lies in the balancing act of community well-being
Alex Pietralla takes a look at the Government of Canada's Community Well-Being (CWB) index and its role in tracking the socioeconomic well-being of Indigenous communities. Read more »
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