Tata Steel hydrogen-based steel manufacturing

Paving the way for the future of steelmaking

Tata Steel | IJmuiden, Netherlands | 2022-Ongoing

The first large-scale application of hydrogen in the steelmaking industry.

Expected to produce 75,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year.

Will drive Tata's goal to produce steel with zero carbon emissions by 2045.


  • With a goal to produce steel with zero carbon emissions by 2045, Tata Steel needed a partner to support its green steel hydrogen project at IJmuiden Works.
  • Using hydrogen as a fuel in the steelmaking process creates a cleaner and more abundant resource with minimal waste, which is ideal for reducing carbon emissions.
  • Tata Steel aims to convert its steelmaking facilities from coal-based to hydrogen-based by using direct reduced ironmaking (DRI) technology, starting with the construction of a new hydrogen plant at IJmuiden Works.


  • Leveraged our expertise in large-scale hydrogen production and steelmaking to design and build a new hydrogen plant at Tata Steel's IJmuiden Works.
  • Engaged to develop basic engineering for the DRI reduction smelting complex using our electric furnace technology, CRISP+, while also designing and supplying the process equipment needed within the complex.
  • Provided engineering and technical support, including process design and optimization, project management, and construction supervision, as well as ongoing support to ensure the plant operated efficiently.


  • The new IJmuiden Works plant is expected to be operational by 2025 and produce up to 75,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year. upon completion.
  • This will be the first large-scale application of hydrogen in the steelmaking industry and marks the beginning of Tata Steel's transition to hydrogen fuel at other integrated steelmaking sites.
  • By using renewable electricity and green hydrogen, CO2 emissions typically associated with steel production will be considerably lowered compared to steel made from the current blast furnace process.

Project numbers

75,000 tonnes of hydrogen expected to be produced per year

€65 million invested in initial project development

Committed to being CO2 neutral before 2045 and emit between 35 to 40% less CO2 before 2030

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