Centrale électrique indépendante à cycle combiné de Pocheon pour un producteur indépendant

956 MW combined-cycle power plant

Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. | South Korea | 2013-2014

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems 501J gas turbines
1,600°C turbine inlet temperature
Over 60% combined-cycle efficiency


  • This project was designed to compete with other independent power producer (IPP) projects in the Korea Power Exchange. There, the dispatch order for energy production is based on merit, with facilities that have the lowest operating costs and highest fuel efficiency being selected first.
  • The leading edge gas turbine technology was selected, although the operational experience references were of limited availability at the time.
  • Deploying the most efficient gas turbine technology was vital to the success of the project.
  • The steam cycle was optimized for efficiency.


  • We optimized technoeconomic considerations for the project by leveraging best practices from our experience around the world.
  • Technical specifications and tender documents were prepared to supply major power block equipment as well as the long-term 20-year service agreement.
  • We helped Daewoo evaluate the received proposals in detail to optimize the project's lifecycle costs.
  • To prepare all the documents needed for financing, we supported negotiations and discussion with the suppliers, prepared separate equipment supply and long-term service agreements, and an operation and maintenance agreement.


  • Le projet de centrale à cycle combiné du producteur indépendant Pocheon a été fourni avec les réacteurs sélectifs catalytiques de façon à réduire les émissions d’oxydes d’azote à un niveau aussi bas que 2 parties par million.
  • The plant is capable of daily ramp-up and ramp-down within an hour of dispatch notice.
  • The plant is expected to operate with at least 98% reliability.

Project Numbers

2 MHPS 501J gas turbines (320 MW each)
2 heat recovery steam generators with selective catalytic reactors (SCRs)
1 reheat steam turbine (340 MW)

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