In this issue of Performance Innovations... Designing your operations with diversity and inclusion in mind | Creating positive change through a diverse and inclusive workplace | Renewable energy in mining: a practical application for active operations | Challenging conventional thinking for carbon reduction and removal | and more...
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Designing your operations with diversity and inclusion in mind
Designing for a diverse and inclusive workforce is a concept that is gaining momentum. It incorporates the diversity of a project’s workforce, workplace, and community right from the planning stages. As you embrace D&I design in your business, we share steps to help you unlock valuable opportunities.
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Creating positive change through a diverse and inclusive workplace
A diverse and collaborative workforce allows us to better help our clients achieve their goals by unlocking the full potential of our team. We believe that an inclusive environment encourages new perspectives that can shape the future of the world we live in. Learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion to create positive change.
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Renewable energy in mining: a practical application for active operations
Renewable energy will be critical to achieving net-zero operations within the next twenty-five to thirty years. The strategy to curb the impacts of climate change in mining is to incorporate green technologies for power generation and energy storage capabilities wherever possible. So, how do we get there?
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Challenging conventional thinking for carbon reduction and removal
How will we achieve net-zero emissions when global energy consumption continues to increase? Our global director of oil and gas processing, Paul Krawchuk, shares how carbon capture utilization and storage can significantly reduce the carbon footprint realized through the production of oil and gas.
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Mastering a new world: Embracing opportunities for positive change
Faced with a world in flux, we must embrace the possibilities of new opportunities. Let’s take advantage of this evolving world and investigate smarter approaches to operational efficiency, rigorous investment decisions, safety, and risk management—all while championing world-class innovation to meet future challenges head on.
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How fueling human capital leads to long-term business resilience
At a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, it can be helpful to remind ourselves what has led to the successes of some of the most well-known and long-lasting businesses of our era. What those companies have taught us is that the role of human capital has an important and nuanced impact on business resilience.
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Your organization's change readiness: an indispensable step you can't afford to skip
We are constantly striving towards positive change. How do you assess your organization to determine if it is ready for such a change? Let’s go over some best practices for conducting change readiness assessments and the widespread benefits of this important foundational stage.
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Helping our Indigenous communities in the fight against COVID-19
It is more important than ever to safeguard Indigenous peoples and their knowledge. With the onset of COVID-19, Indigenous communities have faced many unique challenges when it comes to health and safety. During this difficult period, it was important that we reached out to our communities to see how we could help.
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Breathing new life into dormant lands along railway corridors
To meet the demands of the rapidly increasing housing market, a solution lies in developing the underutilized areas near railways. How can we safely use these areas to accommodate both housing demands and railway operations? Read more »
Public transportation and its critical role in COVID recovery
Public transport operators have a critical role to play in limiting the spread of COVID while simultaneously getting people and the economy moving again. We explore four ideas that demonstrate the potential of public transport operators as agents of change and, crucially, the case for public sector investment in transport as part of the COVID recovery. Read more »
It's never too early or too late to invest in OCR, even if your project has been delayed
Although COVID-19 has brought many projects to a halt, investing in operational readiness, commissioning, and ramp-up (OCR) can be done at any stage. Read more about why investing in OCR is worth it at every stage of a project. Read more »
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