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Celebrating excellence at the 2020 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards
Three projects—one in each of our business sectors—were recognized with Awards of Excellence by the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada at their virtual awards ceremony.
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Traveling together: Hatch and LTK form top rail and transit solutions provider
The new partnership between Hatch and LTK will provide our clients with premier transportation solutions in North America and around the globe.
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Why employee resource groups matter: a driving force of diversity and inclusion
Visibility and advocacy play a critical role in ensuring employees bring their authentic selves to work. Employee resource groups can drive inclusion and empower employees to create positive change.
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Digital transformation — it isn’t just about technology
While new technologies can deliver a lot of value, they can also change the way we work. We explore the importance of human behavior in change management.
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Grand Falls Dam and Spillway Rehabilitation
As an EPC design engineer, construction supervisor, and on-site quality control expert, we delivered a safe, innovative, and environmentally friendly rehabilitation scheme ahead of schedule and below budget.
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Mid Halton Wastewater Treatment Plant, Micro Hydro Facility
A micro-hydro system was installed in the effluent outfall at the plant to provide a source of sustainable power generation, reducing the carbon footprint and energy costs.
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Vaudreuil 2022 – Phase 1
With its dry stacking technology, Vaudreuil is a leader in the filtration industry for bauxite residue and is recognized as one of the best alumina plants in the world for its low greenhouse gas emissions.
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The Digital Drift: Unearthing innovative opportunities for Australia’s Mining and Mineral Industry
Join us for a live webinar on December 3 at 10 a.m. AEST where we will examine the current state and future opportunities of digital transformation and business innovation for capital projects in Australia’s mining and mineral processing industry.
Investing in the future of scientific discovery
Our investment in the Canadian Museum of Nature’s newly announced Nature Foundation will support scientific training and fieldwork for the next generation of collections-based scientists. Read more »
Supporting the Chair for Women in Science and Engineering (CWSE)
We are pleased to support the CWSE and their goal to increase the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in science and engineering. Read more »
Welcoming Michael Houen, new director of smart port strategy
In his new role, Michael will focus on utilizing Hatch’s global engineering capabilities to bring safe, innovative, and sustainable solutions to the challenges of digitization and automation in ports. Read more »
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