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Supplying Indigenous communities with essential cleaning supplies
Remote communities face many unique challenges with COVID-19, including disrupted supply chains. Our team in Canada helped two of our First Nations communities by providing essential supplies.
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Helping our communities around the world
Our teams around the world are rising to the challenge and supporting their local communities during the global pandemic. See how we’re #InThisTogether.
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Navigating the smart grid journey
Global challenges, like climate change, are pushing us to make our operations more resilient. The right technologies at the right scale can not only help resiliency, but can also generate long-term value.
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More ore, less waste
Selective mining can intensify operational performance and minimize the environmental footprint of a mine, supporting its long-term viability and sustainability.
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Staying connected in a COVID world
With the aid of digital infrastructure, the United Kingdom has shown resilience and a remarkable ability to adapt during the pandemic.
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Creating connection to achieve resilience
Adopting a comprehensive resilience engineering approach isn’t easy, but successful implementation will lead to long-term business resilience.
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Preparing for uncertainty with multi-scenario financial modeling
Unique challenges and opportunities arise for financial modelers and decision-makers trying to work out how to properly evaluate companies and projects amidst the current global economic turmoil.
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Join us―Hatch Live Webinars!
From remote operations to digital transformation, to safety practices and project delivery methods, we are hosting a series of webinars covering a diverse range of topics. Join us on June 16th for Exploring the material costs of ignoring the “S” in ESG.
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Renewables in the Arctic
The key to achieving 100 percent renewable penetration for remote Arctic mines—the unique advantages of flow batteries. Read more »
Sourcing clean energy for the future
Small and modular nuclear power technology can play a vital role in developing economically viable, safe, and carbon-free power alternatives. Read more »
Changing climate, changing priorities
Looking at some of the available solutions in the transition to a low-carbon economy and how organizations can build a roadmap to carbon neutrality. Read more »
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