In this issue of Performance Innovations... Stay productive, stay effective, stay safe with remote services | Making your project the project of choice—for workers | Powering the energy needs of tomorrow | Meeting future challenges in mining and mineral processing | and more.
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Stay productive, stay effective, stay safe with remote services
Finding new ways of working during these challenging times has been imperative. Our team is helping our clients keep their assets productive and effective with remote services to maintain operational momentum.
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Making your project the project of choice—for workers
A fundamental key to high productivity is high worker engagement. In the construction industry, there are a lot of studies on productivity, but not on employee motivation. In collaboration with Concordia University, we look to solve this knowledge gap.
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Powering the energy needs of tomorrow
As the world’s energy consumption continues to increase, we must find new ways to generate, distribute, and use energy to achieve the profound transformation required to mitigate and reverse the forces of climate change. Hatch’s global managing director of Energy, Robert Francki, shares how Hatch is responding.
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Meeting future challenges in mining and mineral processing
Mineral processing has changed significantly over the last thirty years. We sit down with Kristy-Ann Duffy, process consultant in our mineral processing division, to look at some of the challenges we’ve overcome, some of the changes we’ll have to face in the future, and how smarter practices and more efficient technologies are changing the game.
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Many businesses are facing massive changes—is your organization ready to handle them?
The global economy is navigating unprecedented circumstances, but there is a silver lining. Right now is one of the best times in your business’s history to take advantage of the opportunity for transformative change.
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Business cycles are changing— make sure your critical assets aren't left behind
During these times of economic uncertainty, effective asset management plays a critical role in determining success. We look at why now is the right time to invest in asset and maintenance management.
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Seven ideas to help you succeed with systems integration
As technology evolves and more automation creeps into infrastructure, complexity increases exponentially. With multiple layers of complicated systems, stakeholders, and interfaces, efficient systems integration is critically important. But how do we do it successfully?
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On demand―Hatch Live Webinars!
Missed one of our live broadcasts? No problem! Catch up on discussions with thought leaders from all facets of the metals, energy, and infrastructure sectors by watching our latest webinars on demand.
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Achieving successful project ramp-up during COVID-19
Economic disruptions and regulatory changes brought about by COVID-19 have thrown a rather large and unprecedented spanner into the works for many mining operations. But, there’s no need to delay your ramp-up. Planning and executing a remote ramp-up strategy is the answer.
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Digital twin: a disruptive tool to meet today’s challenges
Often, the stringent expectations for today’s industrial operations go beyond the capabilities of many facilities, even those with advanced process control systems. We examine the most pressing challenges for today’s industrial operations and how the creation of “digital twins” can address them head-on. Read more »
COVID-19 impact on steel commodity market
The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging the long-held view that the worst crisis in the steel industry happened during the financial crisis of 2009. But, the quickening recovery in China and large-scale government stimulus indicates that the industry should be able to weather this storm.
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