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Students and New Graduates

It’s time to put your education to work in the real world. Real projects, real mentors, and a real impact.

We support students with scholarships and bursaries around the world, because we know education is where it all begins. Hundreds of post-secondary students join our teams every year for flexible work terms, co-ops, internships, and summer programs in the office and at our clients’ sites.

Gain experience in a variety of roles and industries, network with experts, and build connections that will help as you enter the workforce after graduation. Many of our long-tenured staff began as students and are passionate about passing on knowledge to the next generation.

At Hatch, we understand you are in transition and are looking for experience. Go to our events calendar for upcoming career fairs and search student opportunities for local application information.

We have one of the industry’s best career-development programs for graduates and young professionals. We’ll work to connect you with mentors, provide ongoing social and practical learning opportunities, and offer training for professional exams and certifications.

Our programs facilitate frequent feedback to you and offer continuing education support. Be a part of the Hatch community where you can find like-minded people and pursue what you are most passionate about. Our young minds are the future of our business and an important part of our global teams. We’ll take you through the transition, helping to bridge the gap between your education and career.

Meet our employees

Nick Johns

"I came straight out of university to Hatch. A highlight for me was a project where I was invited to a client’s site that had a water balance problem. I worked with people out of Santiago and Toronto, and reduced the discharge by 50%. The projects I am most proud of are those where I can see a sustainable benefit and bring about change for others and the world."

Sonia Sennik

Sonia Sennick

"When I started out after graduating from engineering physics, I had no idea what my career would have in store. Working at Hatch, I experienced what engineers do on projects. I had a better idea of what I enjoyed doing and what suited my skill set the best. Great mentors guided me and gave me opportunities, always looking for the next step. I’ve now been at Hatch for 8 years."