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Ready to take charge of your career? You’ve got the experience; we’ve got the flexibility.

At Hatch, we give you the autonomy to pursue what you love. Innovation happens in a culture that appreciates individuality, values diversity and fosters entrepreneurship. We want you to exercise your skills in ways you feel passionate about, working with people who will help you cultivate your career.

You’ll be a partner to our clients and an expert in your field, building long-standing connections, and thinking beyond the scope of just one project.

We’re known for taking on the toughest problems, the ones that most others can’t solve. Here, you can help create new technologies and push the envelope of your discipline.

We look for people who think beyond their own generation, those who want to create a more sustainable, long-term future. You’ll be valued as a coach and a mentor to our students and new graduates, passing on your knowledge and experience. You’ll build relationships that go beyond the day-to-day, helping to forge a team, and working with multiple disciplines to learn and develop new things. Be it personal or professional, here your experience is valued.

Meet your future colleagues

Peter Higginbottom

"I'm proud of the adjustment that I've made in this later stage in my career to an exciting company that does things very differently from what I've been used to. It’s been a challenge. A challenge that I've enjoyed, and a challenge that I wanted at this point in time."

Katherine Tattersall

"I’m proud of the fact that I’m an engineer—an engineer in an industry that is very underrepresented by women. Only 10% of engineers in Australia are women and I want to change the idea that engineering is a man’s career. I’m proud to work for a company that values diversity so much."