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The traditional underground operational-management mechanisms you're probably familiar with are not without issues. To begin with, these systems have no way to make in-shift activities visible to management or to workers themselves.

In conventional mining operations, there is often a significant amount of variation in the processes used. The skill level of the crew, scheduling issues, and the availability of equipment and consumables can all contribute to inconsistencies that can cost you time and money.

Traditional operational practices have no mechanism to capture the variability in these processes and help you understand the impact they can have on production. Operators can't react or respond to variations in-shift, and opportunities to improve the process over the long-term are lost. Mining intensity drops and production targets aren't met.

You need an approach that lets you plan work, schedule it, and make sure it's properly resourced before it's executed. A mechanism that will monitor the process and make adjustments in real-time as the shift progresses.

You'll get the results you want. More consistently. More safely. And more cost-effectively.

Maximize mining intensity, safely and economically

The Hatch digital operational management solution creates a short-interval control environment that leverages connected workers, equipment, and real-time communications at the face. You get the results you need: less variability, improved safety, and better mining intensity.

Schedule progression and variance detection happen in real time. You're able to make in-shift adjustments that address any deviations from the plan. Operational performance metrics are stored and made available for further analysis, so you have the hard data you need to identify additional opportunities for performance improvement.

The Hatch digital operational management solution provides:

  • A real-time, connected, mobile-based management system;
  • The ability to capture task progression, delays, and updates in real time;
  • In-shift decision-making and real-time monitoring;
  • A repository of operational metrics.

Our approach: people, process, technology

Ultimately, people are the solution. Technology and machines are just tools. Because every operation is different and has its own unique challenges, we work with you to evaluate your operation holistically, focusing on people, processes, and technology. Based on this assessment, we help you formulate and implement a digital operational management strategy that's one-of-a-kind, tailored to your specific needs.


Alvaro Rozo

The digitization journey in mining

Alvaro Rozo
The mining industry collects huge amounts of data from drills, trucks, processing plants, and trains. But many organizations use very little of what's available to them to drive their decision-making.
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