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In recent years, new technologies have unlocked access to previously untapped gas resources. Gas is now abundant, and in some cases is in remote locations, presenting the challenge of getting these new resources to the end customer in a competitive and sustainable way. This requires development of pipeline and export infrastructure, which has faced significant regulatory challenges and public buy-in.

In addition to infrastructure challenges, producers are faced with increasingly rigorous environmental regulations governing carbon emissions. We must look to innovative ways to control these issues while keeping the bottom line in focus.

Regardless of these challenges, the outlook for the gas industry is strong. Now with an abundance of resources, we must look for opportunities to monetize gas, and convert it into high-value products to unlock value for producers. Technologies will continue to play a large role in this monetization. There is tremendous potential in the gas industrypartnering together to develop the best solutions will help capitalize on these opportunities.



There has been tremendous technological development in the area of gas-to-liquids and biomass-to-liquids in recent years, as producers look to produce higher-value products and find profitable avenues for stranded resources. We've been working alongside technology developers and have established relationships with up-and-coming process licensors. We have been involved in assisting Fischer–Tropsch and syngas licensors with proprietary technology development as well as evaluation of non-Fischer–Tropsch gas monetization technologies such as methanol-to-gasoline.

Opportunity also exists in integrating gas monetization technologies with other industrial processes including biomass or coal gasification, oil sands extraction processes, off-gas processing, refining units, and enhanced oil recovery.


Coal-to-liquids is a pathway to enhancing the production of transportation fuels from abundant resources such as coal. But it must be done in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment. We have been involved in technology development to exploit these resources, including evaluating hybrid gas-to-liquid and coal or biomass-to-liquid concepts to exploit the synergy of high-carbon coal or biomass and low-carbon natural gas.

Liquefied natural gas

The potential for liquefied natural gas is tremendous. But LNG projects are not always so easy. Remote locations provide tough challenges, and often have extreme environmental standards. You need a partner who can minimize these risks and increase stakeholder value through efficient project planning and execution, using strategies such as modularization. Our core expertise in transportation, handling, conversion, and storage of LNG helps provide a well-thought-out plan that incorporates all aspects of your project site.

Mico LNG is proving profitable in niche applications such as converting diesel trucks used in mining operations to LNG. We have positioned ourselves in this area as a key partner to LNG technology providers.

Gas processing

Years of experience in the design and installation of gas processing facilities helps us deliver sound solutions to our clients, including in areas of acid gas injection and compressor stations along the pipelines.



Better energy visibility, better business management

Mina Salama
Energy is often one of the biggest operational expenses in industry. Moreover, with today’s heightened awareness of global warming and climate change, using more carbon-based energy than absolutely necessary is something no one wants to do.
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