Greg Sheehan Hatch

Lithium: a coming of age story

Greg Sheehan, PhD | August 27, 2018
It's fascinating to watch the lithium story unfold. In the space of a few decades, it's become a cornerstone for addressing one of the world’s most universal and serious problems.
Elize Becker

Making resettlement projects work

Elize Becker | August 23, 2018
Corporations and governments used to believe that money was all the motivation people needed to leave their homes and communities and turn the area over to a development project. Today, mining companies know they need the wisdom of a “social performance team,” people with the knowledge and skills to properly and respectfully engage with the affected community.
Eric Cone Hatch

Integrated LRT, simulation software, and the future of urban transit

Eric Cone | August 22, 2018
It’s time to transform our transit systems into future-oriented assets. Light rail transit has many sustainable benefits, and we're just starting to figure out the enormous developmental pluses that can be derived from proper planning and implementation.
Hector Medina

Why protective relays are the watchdogs of electrical power systems

Hector Medina | July 31, 2018
Fifteen years ago, a massive blackout left the United States and Canada without power, for days in some places. Experts were left asking why and wondering how to prevent it from happening again. A key piece of the puzzle was protective relays—the watchdogs of electrical power systems.
Vanessa Visman

Operational readiness: how to ensure your new operation delivers nameplate capacity

Vanessa Visman | July 20, 2018
One of our client’s toughest challenges is achieving nameplate capacity on new facilities in order to meet their business goals and KPIs. Organizations that best manage this potential risk are ones that plan for a series of steps and processes prior to taking ownership of that asset. It’s a process we call “operational readiness” (OR).
Marie-Hélène Biffi

Ice roads. Bears. Blizzards

Marie-Hélène Biffi | June 12, 2018
When there's a risk that a big capital project may slide off track, the first line of action is often the project control experts and their systems. At a remote site, like Gahcho Kué, all the normal considerations are magnified.
George D. Thomas

Funding what tomorrow’s cities should be

George D. Thomas | June 11, 2018
Columbus, Ohio was the big winner in the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Smart City Challenge. Its proposal received US$50 million for first-mile/last-mile solutions to its transit challenges and struck a lot of the right chords, especially its aim to reduce infant mortality rates in some communities by 40 percent. How? By creating smart city corridors and smart payment projects that will make transit more available in underserved neighborhoods. That way, residents’ access to prenatal care would improve.

Better energy visibility, better business management

Mina Salama | May 15, 2018
Energy is often one of the biggest operational expenses in industry. Moreover, with today’s heightened awareness of global warming and climate change, using more carbon-based energy than absolutely necessary is something no one wants to do.