Steve Hinton - Hatch

Taking on avalanche control with a blast

Steve Hinton | May 9, 2019
The Kemano T2 project is set in one of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes, with incredible scenery and wildlife—and some of the riskiest avalanche terrain. Building this project safely involves taking innovative measures to protect both people and the environment.

9 ways to get transportation strategies moving

Michael Sutherland | March 22, 2019
Major cities everywhere want to increase mobility and improve public transit. Governments are tasked with delivering the goods: effective transportation systems that support faster, more reliable travel and take cars off roads.
Adrian McFadden

Unlocking shareholder value with strategic innovation

Adrian McFadden | December 18, 2018
The availability of new technology is impacting every industry. The challenge organizations now face is focusing on value rather than just implementing the latest technological tool. That's where a structured innovation program can help.
Kristy-Ann Duffy

More value, less impact

Kristy-Ann Duffy | December 11, 2018
It's time we changed the game plan in mining. The world is running out of accessible, high-grade deposits. So the new reality has to be about efficiency.