Shaping the infrastructure marketplace of the future

Michael Sutherland | May 28, 2019
To build more prosperous, functional, and responsible cities, government and government agencies, private sectors, and communities need to engage in productive dialogue. It is only when these parties are successfully working together that we will respond to the future demand for infrastructure in innovative, life changing ways.

9 ways to get transportation strategies moving

Michael Sutherland | March 22, 2019
Major cities everywhere want to increase mobility and improve public transit. Governments are tasked with delivering the goods: effective transportation systems that support faster, more reliable travel and take cars off roads.

Cities of the future: sustainable wealth and health

Michael Sutherland | October 30, 2018
More than half of the world’s population—3.6 billion people—now live in cities. The United Nations predicts that by 2050, 68 percent of all people will be urban dwellers, with 90 percent of that growth taking place in Asia and Africa.

Big projects: upping value

Michael Sutherland | April 25, 2017
Typically, governments are the initiators in public-private partnerships, both greenfield and brownfield. Their objective is to improve the lives of their citizens…and deliver infrastructure projects on time and on budget.