World’s largest digitally printed image to be created and installed by Canadians

March 28, 2018

Davenport Diamond Rail Grade SeparationToronto, Canada - Metrolinx recently organized a community event at the Drake Commissary in Toronto to introduce and showcase artistic renderings developed by Toronto-based artist, Alex McLeod.

Mr. McLeod has been selected as the successful prequalified artist to carry out the detailed artwork design on the guideway cladding that forms part of the Davenport Rail Grade Separation project.

The event provided a much-anticipated first look at artistic renderings of the future integrated artwork. It will be digitally produced and installed on the cladding along the entire 1.4-kilometre length of elevated guideway, which is located within the GO Newmarket Subdivision (Barrie Corridor) between Bloor Street and Davenport Road.

Core Technical Advisory team members Biljana Rajlic and Francesco Addario represented Hatch at the event. Other members from the Technical Advisory team, gh3 (architects) and Brad Golden (public art consultant) were also in attendance.

Alex McLeod has exhibited his work around the world, including New York City, London, Montréal, Tokyo, Berlin, and Rio de Janeiro. He is being subcontracted by Hatch to deliver the detailed artwork design.

When complete, this artwork will be the world’s largest digitally printed image.

Put in context, the artwork showcases the story of playful landscapes within the four seasons. At high-visual impact areas, the artwork will consist of dramatic and playful elements. At areas with less visual exposure, it will feature a calm mixture of gradient colours. The use of guideway cladding will create a continuous linear artwork that introduces the elements of variability and responsiveness.

This world-class public art installation represents a significant investment for Metrolinx. The artwork is an opportunity to give back to the communities that live and work around the project site and have been key stakeholders throughout the life of the project.

Metrolinx received 315 submissions to its Request for Artist Qualifications, of which the top 10 percent were noted to be from award-winning artists with experience on large capital construction projects. Two percent of the total construction cost is dedicated to integrated art.

Within the professional engineering industry, it is important to recognize the significance integrated art has, not only on the structure’s visual aesthetics, but more critically on how it becomes the focal point and identity of the project, representing its own uniqueness through the progression of preliminary concepts, design, delivery, and succession. In this case, there is a greater underlying message of integration—one of true collaboration between the project delivery team, technical specialists, external stakeholders, and residents of the local neighbourhood—all of whom were collectively involved in selecting the artwork for the project.

The world-class integrated artwork will define the elevated guideway as a local landmark, and is only one of multiple key highlights being delivered through the Davenport Diamond Rail Grade Separation project.

Our work for Metrolinx is yet another example of how Hatch is combining art and science to solve larger, more challenging assignments. We draw upon expertise spanning many different subject areas to ensure that our solutions meet the technical, visual, societal, and environmental needs of the clients we are privileged to serve.

Project Information:

As Metrolinx’ s Technical Advisor, Hatch is leading a multidisciplinary project team of technical specialists including engineers, architects, urban landscape designers, lighting designers, an integrated art consultant, and associated support staff to complete the identification, analysis, coordination, and implementation of the engineering and technical tasks for the Davenport Diamond Rail Grade Separation project.

The Davenport Diamond Rail Grade Separation is a key step in achieving the Metrolinx Regional Express Rail (RER) initiative, which aims to provide enhanced GO Transit services on the Barrie Corridor with the elimination of the rail-to-rail crossing at CP Rail’s North Toronto Subdivision.

Additional project information, including this showcased integrated art, can be read online here:

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